Actors Portraits In Berlin – Tomas Sinclair Spencer

Working with Tomas Spencer on this series of portraits was a real pleasure for many reasons. One, he’s obviously incredibly good-looking, and - I won’t lie – that is usually not detrimental to the fun of a photo shoot. It just makes my job quite a bit easier. But more importantly, he was focused and professional, while at the same time being relaxed and kind, and simply fun to hang out with. A true British gentleman.

His wish for the photos were that they should be in some way cinematic, or allude to a story, and I was more than happy to take up the inspiration.

Be sure to check out his website for his news, and more photos from our shoot! xxT

P.S.: oh, and can I say that I’m a little thrilled to see my photos on his impressive Imdb-page?

Actors-Portraits-in-Berlin-Tomas-Spencer Tomas-Sinclair-Spencer-by-TeresaMarenzi Actors-Portraits-in-Berlin-Tomas-Spencer3 Actors-Portraits-in-Berlin-Tomas-Spencer4 Actors-Portraits-in-Berlin-Tomas-Spencer5 Actors-Portraits-in-Berlin-Tomas-Spencer7Actors-Portraits-in-Berlin-Tomas-Spencer6  Actors-Portraits-in-Berlin-Tomas-Spencer8 Actors-Portraits-in-Berlin-Tomas-Spencer9