A different kind of holiday – The Balboa Castle Camp


Last September we had the pleasure to join the Balboa Castle Camp, a week of dancing classes and parties in the romantically derelict castle of Beesenstedt, Germany.

For those of you who are not familiar with Balboa, it’s a beautiful Swing Dance developed in California at some time in the 1920s and 30s. It’s usually danced to very fast music from the era (think Artie Shaw or Django Reinhardt), but danced in a closed position – making it intensely fun and at the same time, well, pretty romantic.

Needless to say, the week was fantastic. Some of the world’s best Balboa dancers imparted some of their knowledge and glamoured up the evenings, and every night, live bands kept everyone on their feet into the wee hours.

So put on some Swing music and enjoy the blog post and/or the extended gallery!


Balboa-Castle-Camp Balboa-Castle-Camp2 Balboa-Castle-Camp3 Balboa-Castle-Camp4 Balboa-Castle-Camp5 Balboa-Castle-Camp6 Balboa-Castle-Camp7 Balboa-Castle-Camp8 Balboa-Castle-Camp9 Balboa-Castle-Camp10 Balboa-Castle-Camp11 Balboa-Castle-Camp12 Balboa-Castle-Camp13 Balboa-Castle-Camp14 Balboa-Castle-Camp15 Balboa-Castle-Camp16 Balboa-Castle-Camp17 Balboa-Castle-Camp18 Balboa-Castle-Camp19 Balboa-Castle-Camp20 Balboa-Castle-Camp21 Balboa-Castle-Camp22 Balboa-Castle-Camp23 Balboa-Castle-Camp24 Balboa-Castle-Camp25 Balboa-Castle-Camp26 Balboa-Castle-Camp27 Balboa-Castle-Camp28 Balboa-Castle-Camp29 Balboa-Castle-Camp30