Spring Couple Shoot in Portland – Brittni and Lee

If you’ve read my last blogpost, you know that we spent five beautiful weeks in the U.S. earlier this year, travelling from L.A. up to San Francisco, and later to Portland and Seattle. One of the best experiences during the trip was the incredible hospitality we encountered – and Brittni and Lee were among those who welcomed us into their home with open arms.

We had the best time together. From having jello shots together at their friends party (a first for Daniel and me), to a delicious Mexican Sunday brunch in the sunshine, hanging out with them is among our favourite memories from our trip.

Hope to see you soon in Berlin, Brittni + Lee! xxT

                       Couple-Shoot-in-Portland-Oregon-Brittni-Lee Couple-Shoot-in-Portland-Oregon-Brittni-Lee2 Couple-Shoot-in-Portland-Oregon-Brittni-Lee3 Couple-Shoot-in-Portland-Oregon-Brittni-Lee4 Couple-Shoot-in-Portland-Oregon-Brittni-Lee5 Couple-Shoot-in-Portland-Oregon-Brittni-Lee6 Couple-Shoot-in-Portland-Oregon-Brittni-Lee7 Couple-Shoot-in-Portland-Oregon-Brittni-Lee8 Couple-Shoot-in-Portland-Oregon-Brittni-Lee9 Couple-Shoot-in-Portland-Oregon-Brittni-Lee10 Couple-Shoot-in-Portland-Oregon-Brittni-Lee11 Couple-Shoot-in-Portland-Oregon-Brittni-Lee12 Couple-Shoot-in-Portland-Oregon-Brittni-Lee13 Couple-Shoot-in-Portland-Oregon-Brittni-Lee14