Laura and Matt - Couple Shoot in East London

Laura and Matt got engaged at the New York Pickle Fair. This is really all I needed to know to like them.

At the beginning, the two seemed a bit like an impossible match. Laura was in New York, and Matt, who is originally Australian, was in London. They met there, while Laura was visiting friends, but had just enough time to fall in love... and embark on that unfortunate modern institution called long-distance-relationshsip.

They tried for a while and discovered that they were terrible at this game (is anybody good at it?): long skype conversations, weekend-flights New York-London London-New York, more skype. So instead of doing what most people would have considered the sensible thing to do - calling it quits - they did the opposite: they took the great leap of faith and got married. (After that engagement at the pickle fair, with a glass ring that Matt would later exchange for a beautiful antique one he had sought out for her.)

I must say I am forever in awe of the kind of coglioni it must take for a step like this: get married to somebody you've only known for a short time, leaving your family and friends, and moving to another continent. Laura and Matt have been married for three years now, and if you see them together, it couldn't be more obvious: taking an uncalculable risk can certainly turn out to be a wonderful idea.

Couple Shoot in East London

Nightly Couple Shoot East End

Engagement Shoot in Bethnel Green
Night Time Couple Shoot in East London
Smiling Couple by Night in East End
Nightly Engagement Shoot in Bethnel Green
Laughing Couple London Black and White
Brick Lane Industrial Couple Shoot
Couple Shoot London Black and White
Brick Lane Couple Shoot Black and White
Nightly Engagement Shoot Bethnel Green
Couple Shoot by Night East London
Cobble Stone Engagement Shoot London


Thanks Jack!

Thank you Jack, I'm so glad you like them! I appreciate it, especially coming from a fellow photographer! T

Great pictures Teresa!! The

Great pictures Teresa!! The Quinns are indeed the most lovely and handsome couple :) I love how this shoot shows London by night time, with street lights and bokeh.. Excellent post!