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O.k, over the moon is I think the expression I´m looking for... Our photos from Jo and Erik´s wedding in Perugia, Italy, got published on Style Me Pretty today!! To those who are not wedding-geeks - Style Me Pretty is THE biggest wedding-related blog in the in www, to my knowledge. It´s huge. And having your pictures published there is kind of like a wedding-photography-knighthood. There. Now you know.
Make sure to go over to their blog to see all the pictures! You can also pin them on Pinterest if you like them. And leave a comment. Or just enjoy!

Destination Wedding Photography in Perugia, Italy


style me pretty

this is huge,

congrats! You see, being true counts (o:


Wow, da muss ich sofort

Wow, da muss ich sofort einmal hinüberklicken und mir Eure Bilder ansehen! Toll, dass wir uns in Berlin kennengelernt haben, werde hier gerne öfters hereinschauen. Liebe Grüße vom Lieschen