Engagement Shoot in Moscow: Linnea and Viktor

I sit in a New York appartment, the air condition is quietly whirring, but all the same it feels like it's about 27 degrees in here. All the more interesting for me, then, to transport myself back to April, in Moscow... when any ray of sunshine was greeted with enthusiasm, and the snow was taking its time to slowly melt. 

We met Linnea and Viktor on one of the first truly sunny days. They picked us up from the Metro and drove us to close to where they live - there's a lake, they said, and a monastery, so it could be nice for a shoot. When we arrived, we saw... this. How little were we prepared for the splendour of the Novodevichy Convent

We strolled around all afternoon, talking, photographing, and getting to know each other. Linnea is from Sweden and Viktor is from Russia, but you can tell there really aren't any problems in cross-cultural communication between them. They're both cosmopolitans (Viktor having lived in London and Linnea having moved to Russia for her masters in political science); more than that, you can tell from the way they interact that they're on exactly the same wavelenght. 

I'm happy to say, they got married only a week after our shoot in a small civil ceremony... All the best for your new life together, Linnea and Viktor! 

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