Nicoletta and Corin´s Engagement Shoot in Vienna

Do you remember the little Engagement Shoot Giveaway we did on our Facebook Page back in November? Nicoletta and Corin were the lucky winners and we met in Vienna in December, on a very chilly but sunny day. The two were fabulous and simply laughed away the icy temperatures - they even danced waltz in the snow!

Nicoletta and Corin are engaged to be married, and will tie the knot in a beach ceremony in New Zealand (Corin´s native country) later this year... Wish we could be there! Thanks so much Nicoletta and Corin for being such troopers in spite of the temperature! We had a great afternoon! 



city breaks in Vienna

These are beautiful photographs and capture such life! What camera are you using? I imagine there was no need for extra lighting as the snow reflects so much. My personal favourite is the snowball one... it looks so crisp and clear, and it's got a great view of Vienna in the background. I personally think Vienna is an awesome city (great choice for the shoot by the way!) that is well deserving of its reputation. Art, philosphy (Freud of course!), music and food just to name a few! Not to mention tons of history from Austro-Hungarian, Celtic and Roman times. I'd certainly recommend Vienna city breaks such as those found at to anyone looking to experience really rich culture and history.

Wow! What an unbelievable

Wow! What an unbelievable cool website to stumble accross on the internet! Really beautiful pictures, nicely done, though it must've been really cold!


We're looking forward towards your wedding!



Teau and Arjan