Engagement Shoot in Vienna – Mimi and James

Mimi is a childhood friend of mine from Vienna, and has spent her life mostly in London and Berlin (where we finally reunited after not having seen each other for decades). James is Dutch, but has lived all over the world, and has called Shanghai home for more than ten years. Where would two people like that meet and become lovebirds? At a wedding, of course! In beautiful Amsterdam, in this case.

On the evening before their own wedding in Vienna, we took the opportunity to do a little photoshoot with them in one of my favourite corners of Vienna’s city center, the Mölkerbastei, just opposite Vienna University. It was just the sort of warm and golden summer evening you would wish for, and… well, I don’t want to sound too cheesy now, but I think you will agree with me that they were beaming like the sun!


Engagement-Shoot-in-Vienna-Mimi-James Engagement-Shoot-in-Vienna-Mimi-James2 Engagement-Shoot-in-Vienna-Mimi-James3 Engagement-Shoot-in-Vienna-Mimi-James4 Engagement-Shoot-in-Vienna-Mimi-James5 Engagement-Shoot-in-Vienna-Mimi-James6  Engagement-Shoot-in-Vienna-Mimi-James8 Engagement-Shoot-in-Vienna-Mimi-James9