Moscow High – Personal Project and Exhibition

Last year we had the enormous pleasure to be invited to Moscow by Simon Mraz of the Austrian Cultural Art Forum, and spend ten days in Moscow to shoot a personal project, titled Moscow High.

We had spent a few days in Moscow earlier (maybe you remember this engagement shoot). And while we were strolling the streets at night, especially in the fashionable clubbing district around the old Red October Chocolate Factory (near the Red Square), we noticed the large amount of women, single or in pairs, always in high heels and super-fashionably dressed, who were on their way to the clubs. While the scenes in the clubs themselves often revealed boredom and loneliness – with a lot of staring at cell phones going on - the vibe on the street was one of anticipation. Walking in their skyscraper stilettos with unflinching professionalism , the women seemed concentrated and determined, as if they were on a mission. Like athletes before their performance; performers before the show.

The fruit of our exploration of this subject are right now part of an exhibition in the House on the Embankment, Moscow, and an exhibition in Vladivostok will follow in January 2015.

You can read a detailed project statement and description of our work on our website (in German), here.

And here are a few of many of the images we took in those cold Moscow spring nights. Enjoy!


Moscow-High-Iconoclash-Photography Moscow-High-Iconoclash-Photography2 Moscow-High-Iconoclash-Photography3   Moscow-High-Iconoclash-Photography-14Moscow-High-Iconoclash-Photography5Moscow-High-Iconoclash-Photography6