Portrait Shoot in Vienna: Wedding Planner Maryam Yeganehfar

Meet Maryam! She’s the ever-stylish, world-travelling mind and heart behind yamyam event production, an Event Planning Company based in Vienna. We have worked together on many weddings, including some you may have seen on these pages, like this chic and colourful wedding, last December’s elegant winter wedding in Vienna, and Sonja and Werner’s wedding in the Austrian wine hills that was featured on Hochzeitswahn.

Maryam is a pretty fabulous girl to know. She will tell you in the blink of an eye where to find the best small boutiques in New York, or Rio, or Paris, or probably anywhere really. She cooks like a goddess. And she’s also the reason why I finally manage to put on my nail polish without making a complete mess of myself (a miracle!).

On top of all this, she’s also one of the most generous and truly friendly people I’ve met while in this job. If you ever need a wedding or business event organised, be sure to let her know - she’s done weddings from Las Vegas to Sardinia, so this is not just for you Vienna people!

Here’s to many more fabulous, tasty, colourful adventures together, dear Maryam!

xx Teresa


Portrait-Shoot-Vienna-Wedding-Planner-Maryam-Yeganehfar Portrait-Shoot-Vienna-Wedding-Planner-Maryam-Yeganehfar2 Portrait-Shoot-Vienna-Wedding-Planner-Maryam-Yeganehfar3 Portrait-Shoot-Vienna-Wedding-Planner-Maryam-Yeganehfar4 Portrait-Shoot-Vienna-Wedding-Planner-Maryam-Yeganehfar5 Portrait-Shoot-Vienna-Wedding-Planner-Maryam-Yeganehfar6 Portrait-Shoot-Vienna-Wedding-Planner-Maryam-Yeganehfar7


W - O - W ! Stunningly

W - O - W ! Stunningly beautiful woman, lovely flat and inspirational pictures! Superb post.