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Sneak Peek: Cordula and Andreas´ Colourful Wedding in Vienna

A sneak peek of Cordula and Andreas´beautiful June Wedding, organised by the ever-fabulous Maryam of YamYam Events.

Karolina and Waynes Wedding in Poznan, Poland

Karolina and Wayne are a wonderful couple. They are very private and earnest, but when they look at each other, they just light up. They´re also among the friendliest and most warm-hearted people I´ve ever met, and documenting their wedding was a real joy for both Daniel and me. 

Karolina and Wayne are Brooklyn residents, but in keeping with tradition, they decided to have their wedding in the bride´s hometown, Poznan, in Poland. Planning the wedding from the U.S. proved to be quite a challenge, but with their families and friends all helping, their wedding day was a truly unique,  beautiful, and very emotional  celebration.  

At midnight, Karolina changed into a stunning black dress and the two danced an Argentinian tango. It was incredibly beautiful, and left everybody speechless. We´re both so glad we got to know them. To many many happy years together, dear Karolina & Wayne! 

Kathryn Grady featured this wedding a couple of weeks back on her beautful blog Snippet & Ink - be sure to hop on over to read the lovely interview she did with Karolina and Wayne! 

Location: Palais Racot,
Make-Up and Hair: Olaf Tabaczynski,
Bride´s Dress: Phaedra Elizabeth
Groom´s Tie: C. Chauchat,


Actors Portraits in Vienna - Rafael Schuchter


It is always a pleasure to photograph Rafael. He´s not a poser. In fact, I suspect that he doesn´t even like to be photographed. So it´s a bit of a struggle, we set off on something of a search together and in the end, hopefully, come up with something that he will recognize as being him. It´s what I love about portrait photography, really.

Find his contact, bio and photos on his agency´s website.

A French Toast Breakfast


I look forward to this all winter long. Sitting on our balcony, in the morning light, and Daniel makes us French Toast for Breakfast. With strawberries. These are organic and from Poland, and have a crazy aroma. I love summer.

Featured on Style Me Pretty!


O.k, over the moon is I think the expression I´m looking for... Our photos from Jo and Erik´s wedding in Perugia, Italy, got published on Style Me Pretty today!! To those who are not wedding-geeks - Style Me Pretty is THE biggest wedding-related blog in the in www, to my knowledge. It´s huge. And having your pictures published there is kind of like a wedding-photography-knighthood. There. Now you know.
Make sure to go over to their blog to see all the pictures! You can also pin them on Pinterest if you like them. And leave a comment. Or just enjoy!

Destination Wedding Photography in Perugia, Italy

Valentine´s Day... We´re giving away a free Couple Shoot!

It´s Valentine´s Day! Whether you like the Valentine buzz or not, celebrating love is certainly not a bad idea, and February 14th may be just as good a day for that as any other!

So to celebrate - and also because we enjoyed last year´s Giveaway Shoot with Nico and Corin so much - we´re giving away a free photo shoot to one lucky couple!
To enter, just

  1. like our Facebook page if you haven´t done so earlier and
  2. enter a comment to our post on Facebook, stating
    • you and your loves´ first names
    • where you would like to do the shoot if you win. (this could be a specific location like a park or home, or just "Vienna").

The Giveaway is open to anybody, and we can do the Shoot either in Berlin or Vienna. (That said, if you don´t live in either place, what better reason for a weekend in Vienna or Berlin than that you´ve just won a Couple Shoot, right?)

The Giveaway will stay open for one week, until February 21st midnight, and we´ll announce the lucky winning couple on February 22nd.

Best of luck!

 A little bit of inspiration is below...

Featured in Gala Wedding Germany Magazine!


It is always wonderful to see your own photos on the glossy pages of a magazine. But this time, I have to admit, I´m even a little more proud. Gala is a huge society magazine that just recently started publishing a sister to its main publication, all about weddings. And it´s a very pretty glossy little thing this magazine! 

So if you get the chance, at the airport newsstand or wherever in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland, pick up the GalaWedding winter edition and check it out! 

A huge thanks of course to Natascha and Felix - you´ll always be one of the coolest and most fun couples we´ve ever photographed! 



Recent Press - Wedding Photography in Duino, Abruzzo and Burgenland


We were happy to have our work featured on three lovely blogs in the last few months!


Most recently, the Canadian wedding magazine Weddingbells featured Zana and Jason´s beautiful wedding in Duino, Italy, on their blog... 

wedding bells featuring the wedding we photographed near Trieste


Anouk and Martin´s wedding in Abruzzo, Italy, was featured by Elizabeth Anne Designs in Autumn - click here to see the full feature! 

elisabeth anne designs featuring the wedding we photographed in Santo Stefano di Sessanio


And last but certainly not least, Patricia of the German blog Hochzeitswahn made a really lovely and long feature about Sonja and Werner´s wedding in Burgenland, Austria - make sure to check out the whole article with tons more photos here!

Hochzeitswahn featuring the wedding we photographed in Burgenland, Austria

I´m always a lot quicker to announce news on our Facebook page, so if you want to stay up to date, this is the place to go!

We´re engaged!

I thought I´d start the New Year with something a little more personal... news that are not all that new now anymore, but I somehow never got around to post! 

Daniel and I got engaged in September, on the last true warm and wonderful summer night of the year 2011. And yes, that´s Venice in the background! :) 

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, inspiring and wonderful 2012!



Sarah - Portraits in Berlin


Before I started to photograph her, Sarah said something that struck me as really clever. She said: "You can only photograph me the way you see me."

I completely agree. A portrait is always an interpretation of the portrayed in one way or the other. As a photographer, other than pressing a button, you have to see a person and decide how you will capture what you see in them; you idealize, you satirize them; that´s what makes the work interesting.

Here is my interpretation of Miss Sarah.


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