Valentine´s Day... We´re giving away a free Couple Shoot!

It´s Valentine´s Day! Whether you like the Valentine buzz or not, celebrating love is certainly not a bad idea, and February 14th may be just as good a day for that as any other!

So to celebrate - and also because we enjoyed last year´s Giveaway Shoot with Nico and Corin so much - we´re giving away a free photo shoot to one lucky couple!
To enter, just

  1. like our Facebook page if you haven´t done so earlier and
  2. enter a comment to our post on Facebook, stating
    • you and your loves´ first names
    • where you would like to do the shoot if you win. (this could be a specific location like a park or home, or just "Vienna").

The Giveaway is open to anybody, and we can do the Shoot either in Berlin or Vienna. (That said, if you don´t live in either place, what better reason for a weekend in Vienna or Berlin than that you´ve just won a Couple Shoot, right?)

The Giveaway will stay open for one week, until February 21st midnight, and we´ll announce the lucky winning couple on February 22nd.

Best of luck!

 A little bit of inspiration is below...


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Ich habe euch allen meinen

Ich habe euch allen meinen Freunden empfohlen :) ★.(¯`°v°´¯) Bin
★.....(¯`°v°´¯)..gern dabei!
★....(¯`°v°´¯)..Drücke ganz fest
★(¯`°v°´¯)die Daumen, das die Glücksfee mich zieht ;) ♥
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_$$$__LIEBE______<♥GRÜSSE_​ $$$
__$$$$___ -♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥TAG___$$$$
_______________:$$ ..
Ich wünsche Euch von ganzem Herzen
einen wunderschönen Tag.
Kathy ♥ Gefällt mir und geteilt, dass meine Freunde euch auch auf Facebook finden können♥