Portraits in Berlin – Dancer Anna Porzelt

Let me introduce you to Miss Anna. On first meeting her, you might be reminded of a Prussian general: perfect posture, and an air of discipline. Then if you’re lucky though, you may experience that she cooks like an Italian Mamma, and if you’re really really lucky… you get to see her dance. She left a budding career as a film director to do what she loves best: dance to swing music. Balboa, Lindy, Charleston, Colleagiate Shag, Peabody… You could even learn them from her. Here’s to Miss Anna Porzelt, dancer extraordinnaire. xxT

Headshots-in-Berlin-Dancer-Anna-Porzelt Headshots-in-Berlin-Dancer-Anna-Porzelt2 Headshots-in-Berlin-Dancer-Anna-Porzelt3 Headshots-in-Berlin-Dancer-Anna-Porzelt4 Headshots-in-Berlin-Dancer-Anna-Porzelt5 Headshots-in-Berlin-Dancer-Anna-Porzelt6 Headshots-in-Berlin-Dancer-Anna-Porzelt7 Headshots-in-Berlin-Dancer-Anna-Porzelt8 Headshots-in-Berlin-Dancer-Anna-Porzelt9 Headshots-in-Berlin-Dancer-Anna-Porzelt10 Headshots-in-Berlin-Dancer-Anna-Porzelt11 Headshots-in-Berlin-Dancer-Anna-Porzelt12 Headshots-in-Berlin-Dancer-Anna-Porzelt13