Megan and Chris – Couple Shoot in Dumbo, Brooklyn

When I think of last summer, the summer of 2013, and compare it to the past summer of 2014, strangely one small detail comes to my mind: in 2013, I had tan lines on my feet from my sandals by end of June. This year, I never really managed.

The reason is that in June 2013, we spent twelve magnificent days in New York, and it was a lovely, sunny June. I spent every minute possible outside: biking along the Hudson, walking through half of Manhattan, haggling with fleamarket sellers in Williamsburg. And, my favourite, shooting outside as much as I could.

We met Megan and Chris in a cute café just under the Brooklyn Bridge, then headed out straight into the sunshine. As a photographer, this is pretty much as good as it gets: a handsome young coupe, visibly in love, sunshine and a lovely breeze, and an afternoon worth of exploring the gritty beautiful urban landscape of Dumbo.

Megan and Chris make it look simple: committing to someone for all your life, going through thick and thin, for better or worse. It’s probably not – but you can tell by the way they look at each other, the way they make each other laugh with all their heart, that there’s really not much of a question: they’re in it for life, come rain or come shine.

For their slideshow, Megan sent me a song that fits their love so perfectly that I decided to share the slideshow, even though we usually don’t. We hope you enjoy it. Maybe not quite, but almost, as much as we enjoyed our Dumbo afternoon with Megan and Chris.

Engagement-Shoot-Brooklyn-Megan-Chris Engagement-Shoot-Brooklyn-Megan-Chris2 Engagement-Shoot-Brooklyn-Megan-Chris3 Engagement-Shoot-Brooklyn-Megan-Chris4 Engagement-Shoot-Brooklyn-Megan-Chris5 Engagement-Shoot-Brooklyn-Megan-Chris6 Engagement-Shoot-Brooklyn-Megan-Chris7 Engagement-Shoot-Brooklyn-Megan-Chris8 Engagement-Shoot-Brooklyn-Megan-Chris9 Engagement-Shoot-Brooklyn-Megan-Chris10