Family Photography in Vienna – Melissa, Thomas, Sophia and Ben

It’s that time of year again: summer is over, and all of a sudden Christmas seems almost around the corner. The photos we are editing now are still full of sunshine, but when we look up, outside the window autumn storms are already brewing. (This is Berlin, after all!) 

During this time, I always get asked a LOT whether we also do family shoots - for Christmas cards, or Granny’s birthday, or just plain fun. So here it is, just to make it official once and for all: yes we do!  

A few months back I had the pleasure to photograph Melissa’s beautiful family in Vienna. Melissa is from Canada, so she wanted to celebrate and include her adopted hometown of Vienna as much as possible in her family photos. Which is exactly what we did… all during a lovely morning stroll through the beautiful old city centre.

Family-Photography-in-Vienna-Austria Family-Photography-in-Vienna-Austria2 Family-Photography-in-Vienna-Austria3 Family-Photography-in-Vienna-Austria4 Family-Photography-in-Vienna-Austria5 Family-Photography-in-Vienna-Austria6 Family-Photography-in-Vienna-Austria7 Family-Photography-in-Vienna-Austria8