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All Souls´Day


In many Catholic-influenced countries, from my native Austria to Mexico, where it is a national holiday, the second of November is celebrated as the Day of the Dead - the day when people remember their friends and family who have died. Depending on the culture, it is considered a day for mourning, or a day to joyfully celebrate the fact that all life on earth is transient.

Today also marks, incredibly, the fifteenth anniversary of the day that my dear father died. It was a very sunny day, just like today.

I love this picture that Daniel took of a dead bird close to the sea near Trieste in Italy. Doesn´t it look like it´s asleep?

Marte and Rune´s Wedding Portraits in Berlin

Marte and Rune got married exactly one year ago, here in Berlin. They had come especially for this from Norway, and they brought only their parents with them (who originally thought that they were coming to Berlin just for a family holiday!)

Marte and Rune wanted to get married in Berlin because they love the place: the ruggedness, the jumble of old and new, and the fact that nothing seems to be ever finished or perfect… There´s always some work in progress. A bit like a relationship I guess!

After the sweet and short ceremony in the Norwegian embassy, when it came  to taking their wedding portraits, it was clear that we would stay clear of the dome, the old museums and the romantic corners, and instead try and catch a little bit of that rugged Berlin feeling…

In lovely autumn weather, we got to have a really fun photo session with them, taking advantage of the modern glamour of the Nordic Embassies, the graffiti madness of TACHELES (RIP, it was closed down a month ago!) and the empty lot in the middle of Berlin that once housed the GDR “Palast der Republik”. I think it´s easy to see from the pictures how much fun we had, and how cool these two are!

Marte and Rune, we hope you had a lovely anniversary today, and we hope to see you sometime soon again here in Berlin!

P.S: Marte didn´t want to carry a bouquet, but she did want to have something special, so she affixed flowers to her handbag – a great idea, don´t you think?

Sneak Peek: Cordula and Andreas´ Colourful Wedding in Vienna

A sneak peek of Cordula and Andreas´beautiful June Wedding, organised by the ever-fabulous Maryam of YamYam Events.

Karolina and Waynes Wedding in Poznan, Poland

Karolina and Wayne are a wonderful couple. They are very private and earnest, but when they look at each other, they just light up. They´re also among the friendliest and most warm-hearted people I´ve ever met, and documenting their wedding was a real joy for both Daniel and me. 

Karolina and Wayne are Brooklyn residents, but in keeping with tradition, they decided to have their wedding in the bride´s hometown, Poznan, in Poland. Planning the wedding from the U.S. proved to be quite a challenge, but with their families and friends all helping, their wedding day was a truly unique,  beautiful, and very emotional  celebration.  

At midnight, Karolina changed into a stunning black dress and the two danced an Argentinian tango. It was incredibly beautiful, and left everybody speechless. We´re both so glad we got to know them. To many many happy years together, dear Karolina & Wayne! 

Kathryn Grady featured this wedding a couple of weeks back on her beautful blog Snippet & Ink - be sure to hop on over to read the lovely interview she did with Karolina and Wayne! 

Location: Palais Racot, www.racot.pl.
Make-Up and Hair: Olaf Tabaczynski,  www.awm.pl
Bride´s Dress: Phaedra Elizabeth http://phaedraelizabeth.blogspot.de/
Groom´s Tie: C. Chauchat,  http://cchauchat.com


Actors Portraits in Vienna - Rafael Schuchter


It is always a pleasure to photograph Rafael. He´s not a poser. In fact, I suspect that he doesn´t even like to be photographed. So it´s a bit of a struggle, we set off on something of a search together and in the end, hopefully, come up with something that he will recognize as being him. It´s what I love about portrait photography, really.

Find his contact, bio and photos on his agency´s website.

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