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Cake and Pictures!

We´ve been accepted to be part of Cake and Pictures! There are only three photographers listed for Germany, so it is a true honor to be part of such an exclusive community.

"Cake & Pictures is an exclusive directory of simply the finest wedding photographers in the world. If photography is important to you, you are in the right place."

It was founded by the three award-winning wedding/documentary photographers Cliff Mautner, Shea Roggio and Bill Cramer.

Be sure to check out their blog too!



Featured in Zoom Magazine!


Woo-hoo! Some of our pictured have been published in Zoom magazine! Pick up the latest copy of this filmmaker´s magazine to find  an article about director Hannes Hirschs film shoot for his movie "Dimi", accompanied by our photos.

The crew spent two weeks filming on the Baltic coast last august, and we joined them for two days to take pictures. As the budget for the production was quite low, there was no way to cordon off the areas for the shoot... so a lot of tourists and sunbathers enjoyed watching the process up close, often not an easy situation for the crew! 

Still everyone did a great job, while, as you´ll see, looking great... :) 

First the article, and then a couple of some of our own favourites. Hope you enjoy! 


Lore, female star of the filmLore, female star of the film

Tom, playing the main character of Dimi; and to the right are Hannes, the director, and Philip, the cameraman, pondering the next shotTom, playing the main character of Dimi; and to the right are Hannes, the director, and Philip, the cameraman, pondering the next shot

the lighting department people are always the coolest! the lighting department people are always the coolest!

Oh wait, maybe the cameramen are always the coolest... Oh wait, maybe the cameramen are always the coolest...

You can find out more about the movie at: http://www.milieufilm.de

Anouk and Martin - Wedding in the Sextantio Albergo Diffuso

Anouk and Martin live in Amsterdam, but they decided to get married far away from home: in the enchanting village of Santo Stefano di Sessanio, in the Abruzzo region of Italy. The small and almost forgotten hilltown near L´Aquila rose to fame when Daniele Kihlgren, an Italian-Swedish entrepreneur, bought the abandoned houses, painstakingly restored them, and made them an “Albergo Diffuso” – literally translated, a “spread-out inn”. The hotel rooms are situated in the old houses with their medieval walls, while the reception is housed in what used to be a barn.  

With the help of Eva and Clara from Chicweddings, who organised the wedding, Anouk and Martin were able to host an unforgettable celebration for their families and closest friends. As the church they had designated for their vows, had been destabilized by a recent earthquake in the region, they opted to take their vows out-of-doors, in the tree-lined pathway leading up to the church. For the reception, the two and their guests enjoyed Italian appetizers in the last rays of sunlight, and for dinner, a several-course menu was served in another converted medieval townhouse. A truly relaxed and splendid day – thanks, Anouk and Martin, for having us! 

This wedding was featured in the Belgian wedding magazine Witweddings, as well as on Grey Likes Weddings and Elizabeth Anne Designs


 AnoukMartin2 AnoukMartin3 AnoukMartin4 AnoukMartin5 AnoukMartin6 AnoukMartin7 AnoukMartin8 AnoukMartin9 AnoukMartin10 AnoukMartin11 Part2-1 Part2-2 Part2-3 Part2-4 Part2-6 Part2-6a Part2-7 Part2-8 Part3-1 Part3-2 Part3-3 Part3-5 Part3-6 Part3-7 Part3-8 Part3-9 Part3-10



Anouk4-1 Anouk4-2 Anouk4-3 Anouk4-4 Anouk4-5_1 Anouk4-6 Anouk4-7 Anouk4-8 Anouk4-9

Published in Witweddings!


We were honoured to have one of our 2009 weddings published in the winter edition of the Dutch wedding magazine Witweddings! Anouk and Martin decided to get married far away from home, and Eva Trevisan of Chicweddings was the wedding planner who helped them organize their special day. In the next post, I´ll be sharing some more of our favourite photos from their wedding!

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