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Engagement Shoot in Vienna – Mimi and James

Mimi is a childhood friend of mine from Vienna, and has spent her life mostly in London and Berlin (where we finally reunited after not having seen each other for decades). James is Dutch, but has lived all over the world, and has called Shanghai home for more than ten years. Where would two people like that meet and become lovebirds? At a wedding, of course! In beautiful Amsterdam, in this case.

On the evening before their own wedding in Vienna, we took the opportunity to do a little photoshoot with them in one of my favourite corners of Vienna’s city center, the Mölkerbastei, just opposite Vienna University. It was just the sort of warm and golden summer evening you would wish for, and… well, I don’t want to sound too cheesy now, but I think you will agree with me that they were beaming like the sun!


Engagement-Shoot-in-Vienna-Mimi-James Engagement-Shoot-in-Vienna-Mimi-James2 Engagement-Shoot-in-Vienna-Mimi-James3 Engagement-Shoot-in-Vienna-Mimi-James4 Engagement-Shoot-in-Vienna-Mimi-James5 Engagement-Shoot-in-Vienna-Mimi-James6  Engagement-Shoot-in-Vienna-Mimi-James8 Engagement-Shoot-in-Vienna-Mimi-James9

Some of Our Favourites from 2013

It’s my birthday this week, and I decided to give myself a present this time. I had spent half of January marvelling at some of my favourite photographer’s reviews of 2013, which, let’s be honest, is about as great for your self-esteem as watching shots of Gisele Bündchen/Jon Kortajarena in their underwear all day long. Medium good.

I decided to do myself a favour and see what would come up if I scoured our photos from last year for favourites. And I’m really glad I did, because I was surprised and happy how many beautiful places we had been to, how many people we met, how much we had shot and how many of these shots I really liked. I have put them together here and hope you will enjoy them like I enjoyed going through our year again, photo by photo.

I think everyone should do this once a year: put together your favourite photos, or favourite memories. You’ll be surprised how many things you’ve done, how many people you’ve met, and what you’ve accomplished. Try it.

xx T

wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin2 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin3 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin4 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin5 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin6 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin7 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin8 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin9 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin10 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin11 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin12 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin13 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin14 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin15 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin16 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin17 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin18 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin19 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin20 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin21 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin22 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin23 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin24 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin25 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin26 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin27 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin28 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin29 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin30

wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin31 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin32 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin33 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin34 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin35 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin36 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin37 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin38 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin39 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin40 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin41 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin42 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin43 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin44 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin45 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin46 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin47 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin48 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin49 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin50 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin51 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin52 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin53 wedding-engagement-portrait-photographers-Berlin54

Portraits in Berlin – Maren


Today is the first day of snow here in Berlin, and wow, what weather! It snows, it storms, it's dark, and it's bitter cold... what better day to post another one of my memories of summer?

Remember my post some time ago, about what got me into photography? The following is exactly what I was talking about. 

About two-thirds into our shoot on a beautiful September evening, Maren asked casually how it was going, and how her photos were turning out - she may have seen me look a little worried. “Fine”, I said, “but you’re going to accuse me of making you look far too sexy.” She laughed at this as if it were a joke (which it wasn’t, really), and peeked over my shoulder to catch a glimpse of herself on the tiny screen. Then she yelled “whaaaaat?!” and then “noooo...”, and I must admit it, I was so delighted that I laughed out loud. She seriously couldn’t believe how fantastic she looked...no retouching, little make-up, just her natural beauty, someone able to see it, a camera...and of course that incredible September evening light.

In my work, this is one of my favourite little everyday magic moments to happen, when light, technology, and two people conspire... and it ends up making them both happy.

Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren2 Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren3 Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren4 Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren5 Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren6 Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren7 Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren8 Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren9 Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren10 Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren11

Pieces of Summer. Berlin Rooftop Easter Party

I have been posting very little over the last few months, mostly because it was summer, and the summer is for us the busiest time in the year: we travel, we shoot, we edit, we shoot, we travel, we edit.  It’s also the time of year where I feel like I have to savour all the time I can possibly get away from the computer, which is usually far too little.

Now as the colder season is before us, I am looking forward to taking my time to go through all those photos again with more time.  I feel a little bit like Frederick, the mouse, from one of my favourite books when I was little: he risked being very unpopular while all the other mice were busy collecting grain and nuts during the summer, as he didn’t participate; in the winter, though, when the mice were slightly bored and sad and had to stay inside, he started telling them stories about what he had collected: sunshine and colours and words…
Although there is no doubt still a lot we have to learn from Frederick, we too have been busy collecting light and colour over the last few months, and I can’t wait to share them as the days grow colder and greyer.

So here’s the first memory: Maria’s rooftop party to celebrate Easter, some time in May. People from all over the world - some Berliners, some new Berliners, some visitors - sharing food they brought, chatting, getting the first tan of the year, and listening to the beautiful Swing tunes of Renard Ce Soir...

BerlinRooftopParty BerlinRooftopParty2 BerlinRooftopParty3 BerlinRooftopParty4 BerlinRooftopParty5 BerlinRooftopParty6 BerlinRooftopParty7 BerlinRooftopParty8 BerlinRooftopParty9 BerlinRooftopParty10 BerlinRooftopParty11 BerlinRooftopParty12 BerlinRooftopParty13 BerlinRooftopParty14 BerlinRooftopParty15 BerlinRooftopParty16 BerlinRooftopParty17 BerlinRooftopParty18

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