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Family Photography in Vienna – Melissa, Thomas, Sophia and Ben

It’s that time of year again: summer is over, and all of a sudden Christmas seems almost around the corner. The photos we are editing now are still full of sunshine, but when we look up, outside the window autumn storms are already brewing. (This is Berlin, after all!) 

During this time, I always get asked a LOT whether we also do family shoots - for Christmas cards, or Granny’s birthday, or just plain fun. So here it is, just to make it official once and for all: yes we do!  

A few months back I had the pleasure to photograph Melissa’s beautiful family in Vienna. Melissa is from Canada, so she wanted to celebrate and include her adopted hometown of Vienna as much as possible in her family photos. Which is exactly what we did… all during a lovely morning stroll through the beautiful old city centre.

Family-Photography-in-Vienna-Austria Family-Photography-in-Vienna-Austria2 Family-Photography-in-Vienna-Austria3 Family-Photography-in-Vienna-Austria4 Family-Photography-in-Vienna-Austria5 Family-Photography-in-Vienna-Austria6 Family-Photography-in-Vienna-Austria7 Family-Photography-in-Vienna-Austria8

Look Up!


We’re really busy at the moment, and at the rate things are going, next year is going to be an even busier year.

When I came across this photo in our archive a few days back, it grabbed my attention for some reason and I found myself looking at it at lot longer than I usually do… being the professional image-pusher that I am. :)

Taken some time back with our Zenza Bronica, (an analogue medium format camera that we hardly every use), it reminded me… to look up from work every now and then, and enjoy the beauty that’s right there in front of you, right outside your door.

Have a beautiful day!



Wedding Photography in Brandenburg – Natascha and Felix’ Wedding with Kids at Schloss Kartzow

Are you following us on Facebook? If so, you may have seen that some of our photos featured in Lieschen’s Blogazine No.1, a beautiful German Emag for brides. What better occasion to finally blog my favourite photos from this wedding, as I’ve never done it so far!

There are a many reasons why we enjoyed Natascha and Felix wedding so much, all of which you’re going to see in the photos: a bride positively beaming throughout the day, the beautiful scenery, a fun and laid-back atmosphere. But there is something else that makes it particularly dear to my heart: it’s the bright and beautiful celebration of a couple with two kids.

When we met Natascha a few days before the wedding, they had just arrived from Argentina, where they had been stationed as part of the diplomatic corps. They had organised everything over a distance of 10 000km, and booked the castle without having seen it. Natascha was at the same time almost apologetic and defiant: “I think a lot of people think I’m bonkers. Here we are, with two kids, we’ve been together forever…But I’ve always wanted a big wedding, with cake and a big dress and all of that, and the time was never right. So now I think, better now than never!”

The kids were so naturally included in the big day, without any fuss or worry, that it seemed almost as much their day as their parents’. Their little boy was often in both parents’ arms, and their daughter had no doubt the time of her life – in the fluffy pink flower girl dress she herself helped design!

I think it’s safe to say that Natascha got all she had hoped for, and more. A big hug from us to all four of you in Vietnam! xxT


Portraits at Lake Michigan, Chicago - Clara


While we were in New York in the spring time, Daniel went to Chicago for a few days, to visit one of his best and most long-standing friends, Clara.

They’ve known each other since they were in their tiny teens, and even though she’s been in America for years for her studies, they still get together every now and then on skype to drink whiskey, each on their side of the Atlantic, and discuss economics and politics, as well as more personal stuff. (She’s going to Yale in the fall for her PhD in political science)

On an almost, but not entirely unrelated subject, Clara is also, in some way, responsible for the fact that Daniel and I are together; or, in any case, that we didn’t leave each other at the first bump in the road, some ten years ago.

When my first bout of doubts came along after about ten days of being together (“aaagh! This is going way too well! He must be a psycho! How do I get rid of him now!?”) he actually heard it in my voice over the phone, and consequently used the oldest trick in the book: playing it cool and feigning disinterest. Of course, that worked like a spell.

Asking him about it later, he said that this was pure strategy, something that he picked up from his talks with Clara, about girls and boys and relationship trouble: always give a girl the space she needs. Now that’s wise advice indeed. (And obviously, also works the other way round)

I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but I love these portraits he took of her, while strolling on the beach of Lake Michigan. Bright woman. Great light. Beautiful photos. What more can you want?

         Portraits in Chicago Lake Michigan - Clara Portraits in Chicago Lake Michigan - Clara Portraits in Chicago Lake Michigan - Clara Portraits in Chicago Lake Michigan - Clara Portraits in Chicago Lake Michigan - Clara Portraits in Chicago Lake Michigan - Clara Portraits in Chicago Lake Michigan - Clara Portraits in Chicago Lake Michigan - Clara Portraits in Chicago Lake Michigan - Clara Portraits in Chicago Lake Michigan - Clara Portraits in Chicago Lake Michigan - Clara Portraits in Chicago Lake Michigan - Clara Portraits in Chicago Lake Michigan - Clara Portraits in Chicago Lake Michigan - Clara

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