Portraits in Berlin – Maren


Today is the first day of snow here in Berlin, and wow, what weather! It snows, it storms, it's dark, and it's bitter cold... what better day to post another one of my memories of summer?

Remember my post some time ago, about what got me into photography? The following is exactly what I was talking about. 

About two-thirds into our shoot on a beautiful September evening, Maren asked casually how it was going, and how her photos were turning out - she may have seen me look a little worried. “Fine”, I said, “but you’re going to accuse me of making you look far too sexy.” She laughed at this as if it were a joke (which it wasn’t, really), and peeked over my shoulder to catch a glimpse of herself on the tiny screen. Then she yelled “whaaaaat?!” and then “noooo...”, and I must admit it, I was so delighted that I laughed out loud. She seriously couldn’t believe how fantastic she looked...no retouching, little make-up, just her natural beauty, someone able to see it, a camera...and of course that incredible September evening light.

In my work, this is one of my favourite little everyday magic moments to happen, when light, technology, and two people conspire... and it ends up making them both happy.

Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren2 Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren3 Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren4 Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren5 Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren6 Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren7 Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren8 Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren9 Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren10 Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren11