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Destination Wedding in Istria – Alice and Christopher’s Nuptials on Nikola Island, Croatia

Alice and Christoph’s wedding was so gorgeous and full of fun that just looking back at these pictures makes me smile.

Imagine a tiny island off the Croatian Coast, in the beginning of summer, when everyone is still hungry for every ray of sunshine they can get. Imagine inviting all of your family and friends there, for a whole weekend – three days of everyone meeting each other, of games, celebration, good food and good times. Sounds fantastic, right? It’s exactly what Alice and Christoph decided to do for their wedding.

For their catholic cermony, they chose the incredible Euphrasian Basilica on the mainland in Porec – a building you have to absolutely visit if you’re ever in Istria. It is filled with 6th century Byzantine mosaics, so stunning that, if you’re anything like me, they will make your jaws drop in amazement.

So between the Unesco-Heritage mosaics, the romantic old town of Porec, and the rocky beaches of Nikola Island, we were spoiled for gorgeous backdrops. Add to that a couple which is sparkling with excitement and joie de vivre… and it’s pretty much a wedding photographer’s dream come true.

So take a breath, sit back and enjoy some joy and sunshine… xxT



Wedding in South Tyrol – Esi and Dorian

We came back last week from shooting in South Tyrol, so I couldn’t help but think back to Esi and Dorian’s beautiful wedding last year. Their wedding day was the most perfect you can imagine – gloriously sunny and hot, with mountain views as far as you could see, and a radiant couple who really made the most of their day. I’m not sure I have ever seen anybody party as exuberantly as these two. Sit back and enjoy! xxT

Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian3 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian4 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian5 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian6 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian7 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian8 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian9 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian10 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian11 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian12 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian13 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian14 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian15 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian16 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian17 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian18 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian19 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian20 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian21 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian22 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian23 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian24 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian25 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian26 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian27 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian28 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian29 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian30 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian31 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian32 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian33 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian34 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian35 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian36 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian37 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian38 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian39 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian40 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian41 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian42 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian43 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian44 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian45 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian46 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian47 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian48 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian49 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian50 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian51 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian52 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian53 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian54 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian55 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian56 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian57 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian58 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian59 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian60 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian61 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian62 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian63 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian64 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian65 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian66 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian67 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian68 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian69 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian70 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian71 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian72 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian73 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian74 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian75 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian76 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian77 Wedding-in-South-Tyrol-Alto-Adige-Lana-Italy-Esi-and-Dorian78

Dominique and Maxime - Wedding in the Chateau de Bagnols, France

Dominique and Maxime got married in the very early spring, in the amazing medieval Chateau de Bagnols in the Beaujolais region of France. On the day of the wedding it was still very cold, and the day had both rain and brilliant sunshine… and, as a result, a beautiful rainbow at reception time.

The Beaujolais is known for its excellent wines, and the Chateau, surrounded by vineyards, made for a  truly picturesque background.  Dominique and Maxime exchanged their vows in the small town church a few minutes walk from the Chateau, and afterwards headed back with all their guests, umbrella in hand,  for a tea-and-sandwich reception.  In the evening, the two treated their guests to a candlelight dinner, accompanied by the arias of an Italian opera singer, and to end the day, everybody cut loose after dinner and danced until the wee hours.

We had first met Dominique and Maxime at Dominique´s elder brother´s wedding in Cefalù, Sicily, which we photographed an incredible five years back. And we can´t wait to meet the whole family again at her younger brother´s wedding in Monaco, a little later this year! Thank you all for entrusting us with documenting your special day – it is truly an honour and joy for us!

wedding photography Beaujolais spring wedding Chateau de Bagnols wedding Chateau de Bagnols wedding photography Chateau de Bagnols wedding  Chateau de Bagnols Dominique-Maxime6 Dominique-Maxime7 Dominique-Maxime8 Dominique-Maxime9 wedding dress Chateau de Bagnols bride Chateau de Bagnols France spring wedding in France Dominique-Maxime13 Dominique-Maxime14 Dominique-Maxime15 Dominique-Maxime16 spring wedding in France Dominique-Maxime18 tea reception Chateau de Bagnols wedding Chateau de Bagnols Dominique-Maxime21 Dominique-Maxime22 Dominique-Maxime23 spring wedding Beaujolais Dominique-Maxime25 Dominique-Maxime26 Dominique-Maxime27 Dominique-Maxime28

Karolina and Waynes Wedding in Poznan, Poland

Karolina and Wayne are a wonderful couple. They are very private and earnest, but when they look at each other, they just light up. They´re also among the friendliest and most warm-hearted people I´ve ever met, and documenting their wedding was a real joy for both Daniel and me. 

Karolina and Wayne are Brooklyn residents, but in keeping with tradition, they decided to have their wedding in the bride´s hometown, Poznan, in Poland. Planning the wedding from the U.S. proved to be quite a challenge, but with their families and friends all helping, their wedding day was a truly unique,  beautiful, and very emotional  celebration.  

At midnight, Karolina changed into a stunning black dress and the two danced an Argentinian tango. It was incredibly beautiful, and left everybody speechless. We´re both so glad we got to know them. To many many happy years together, dear Karolina & Wayne! 

Kathryn Grady featured this wedding a couple of weeks back on her beautful blog Snippet & Ink - be sure to hop on over to read the lovely interview she did with Karolina and Wayne! 

Location: Palais Racot,
Make-Up and Hair: Olaf Tabaczynski,
Bride´s Dress: Phaedra Elizabeth
Groom´s Tie: C. Chauchat,


Zana and Jason - Wedding in Duino, Italy

Trieste and its surrounding region holds a special place in my heart and mind. My father´s family - up to my grandfather - is from Trieste, and as a child I used to spend a few weeks every summer there, in the dusty old apartment in the middle of the old town, just a few steps from the Piazza Unità. This apartment, filled with old furniture and full of treasures - a collection of old keys, say, or old letters found in some drawer -  was my very own kingdom and favourite playground.

I also, of course, remember the awe in front of beautiful Castello Miramare, and the trips to the seaside at Sistiana with my already very old grandmother, where we would spend the day snorkeling, eating watermelon, and learning card games from my grandmother.

No wonder, then, that I was absolutely delighted when Zana contacted me and asked me whether we would photograph her wedding, just half an hour from Trieste, at the beautiful Castello di Duino. Not only did I get to revisit Trieste and see how it has changed - and how much of its magic is still, in fact, intact; but Daniel and I also had the chance to get to know Zana and Jason, their families and friends, and to be a part of their beautiful celebration.

Zana started the day getting ready at the Hotel Savoia in the old town of Trieste, and we even had time to do a lovely bridal session in the morning. (You can find more of these pictures in this blogpost). For a few consecutive days before the wedding, it had rained, and so in the morning, the skies and the sea were clean and bright and brandnew.

Zana and Jason, it was a real joy to get to share this day with you, and to be a witness to your vows and celebration! We´re already looking forward to being a part of your vow renewal as well some day! 

Wedding Planner: Sonia Gallina of Wedding Italy
Florist: Garden Service Miramare
Catering: Maggiordomus Catering
Hair and Make-Up: Parrucchieri di Viale Miramare
Ceremony Music: FVG Gospel Choir
Dress: Farrah from Sottero & Midgley
Jewellery: Jasmine Toronto
shoes: Pelle Moda from Nordstrom


view from Duino wedding Italy

wedding at Castello di Duino Trieste Italy

wedding at Castello di Duino Trieste Italy

wedding at Castello di Duino Italy

Bridal Portrait Trieste Italy

wedding in the Savoia Excelsior Palace Trieste Italy

Wedding Preparations Savoia Excelsior Palace Trieste Italy

Bride wedding Savoia Excelsior Palace Italy

Bride portrait wedding Duino Trieste Italy

Bridal Party wedding Savoia Excelsior Palace Trieste Italy

Bridal portrait Adriatic Sea Trieste Italy

Groom Preparations Wedding Duino Italy

cool groom and Wedding Party Duino Italy

Wedding rings and flowers Castello di Duino Italy

Bride and Bouquet Castello di Duino Italy

Wedding ceremony at Castello di Duino Italy

wedding ceremony at Castello di Duino Italy

wedding ceremony at Castello di Duino Italy

Ring exchange wedding at Castello di Duino

Wedding ceremony at Castello di Duino Italy

Bride and Groom portrait at the beach Duino Italy

Bride and Groom portrait sunset at sea Duino Italy

Bride and Groom portrait sunset at sea wedding Duino Italy

Bride and Groom portrait seaside wedding Duino Italy

Bride and Groom Portrait black and white wedding Duino Italy

Bride and Groom Portrait at beach wedding Duino Italy

Bride and Groom Portrait Black and White wedding Castello di Duino Italy

Bride and Groom portrait wedding sunset Duino Italy

wedding sea view dusk Duino Italy

Bride at sea wedding Duino Italy

Wedding Dinner at Castello di Duino Italy

Bride and Groom Portrait Wedding Dinner Castello di Duino Italy

Wedding Dinner at Castello di Duino Italy

wedding cake Bride and Groom Portrait Duino Italy

Bride dancing at Wedding Party Castello di Duino Italy

First dance wedding Party Castello di Duino Italy

First dance wedding Party Castello di Duino Italy

Joanna and Erik - Wedding in Perugia, Italy

Joanna and Erik got married in the beautiful Castello di Monterone in Perugia, in July last year. It must have been one of the hottest days of the year, but that certainly didn´t dampen the spirits of the two, or of any of their guests who had flown in from the UK, Norway, Canada and the U.S.!

The ceremony was held on a platform overlooking the valley, and combined traditions from Jo´s Jewish and Erik´s Catholic background, which made for a very special and moving celebration. They also read vows to each other that they had written themselves, and their friends read texts from sources as different as Walt Whitman´s poetry and "When Harry Met Sally". The loud and joyous "Mazel Tov" from all the guests together ended the ceremony - and ever since I think every wedding should include this!

The party in the evening was one of the most joyful we´ve ever been present at, and I think there was NOBODY - old, young, man, woman - who didn´t join in the dance! Part of this was certainly thanks to the wonderful band, the Jake Goss Quartet from London - they played the finest jazz during the ceremony and at the reception, and in the evening helped filled the dancefloor in seconds with Klezmer Music (which they told us is usually not really in their repertoire!)
What a great day, thanks Joanna and Erik for having us!

Location: Castello di Monterone -
Flowers: Cristina Faluomi -
Dress: Jerez from Suzanne Neville -
Band: Jake Goss Quartet -

Jewish wedding in Perugia Umbria Italy

Olive Trees at Castello di Monterone Wedding Umbria Italy

Jewish Wedding at Castello di Monterone Umbria Italy

Bride Preparations for Wedding Umbria Italy

Bride Preparations for Jewish Wedding Umbria Italy

Medieval Fresco at Castello di Monterone wedding in Umbria Italy

Bride Wedding preparations and purple Bouquet at Castello di Monterone Italy

Purple Bouquet for Jewish Wedding in Umbria Italy

Bride Wedding Preparations Black and White Umbria Italy

Bridal Portrait Wedding in Castello di Monterone Umbria Italy

Bridal Portrait Wedding Black and White in Castello di Monterone Italy

Bridal Portrait Jewish Wedding in Castello di Monterone Italy

Bridal Portrait Wedding Black and White in Castello di Monterone Italy

Boutonniere Jewish Wedding in Umbria Italy

Wedding Chuppah at Castello di Monterone Umbria Italy

Bridal Wedding Portrait at Castello di Monterone Italy

Bride and Father Portrait at Jewish Wedding in Umbria Italy

Wedding ceremony at Castello di Monterone Umbria Italy

Umbrian Landscape in Perugia Wedding Italy

Wedding vows at Castello di Monterone Umbria Italy

Wedding vows at Jewish wedding in Perugia Umbria Italy

Wedding ceremony in Perugia Umbria Italy

Bride and Groom Wedding Portrait Black and White Umbria Italy

cozy Wedding Reception at Castello di Monterone Umbria Italy

Fun Wedding Reception at Castello di Monterone Umbria Italy

Bride and Groom Portrait Black and White at Castello di Monterone Umbria Italy

Bride and Groom Portrait at Castello di Monterone Umbrian Hills Italy

Bride and Groom Wedding Portrait at Castello di Monterone Umbria Italy

Jewish Wedding in Perugia Sunset Umbria Italy

Jewish Wedding Dinner in Perugia Umbria Italy

Fun Hora Dance at Jewish Wedding in Umbria Italy

Bride Hora Dance at Castello di Monterone Italy

Warm night at Wedding Party at Castello di Monterone Umbria Italy

Dance at Wedding Party in Umbria Italy

Bride and Groom lovely dance at Wedding Party in Perugia Italy

Zana´s Bridal Portraits in the Savoia Hotel, Trieste

I was both amazed and very happy when Zana announced on the morning of her wedding that we actually had time for Bridal Portraits! I´m really used to making these in the five minutes before we all have to leave for church, so it was such a treat to have some time to experiment, and Zana was such a fabulous model! Apart from looking gorgeous, she was also completely relaxed and enjoyed playing around as much as I did. Thanks Zana!

Anouk and Martin - Wedding in the Sextantio Albergo Diffuso

Anouk and Martin live in Amsterdam, but they decided to get married far away from home: in the enchanting village of Santo Stefano di Sessanio, in the Abruzzo region of Italy. The small and almost forgotten hilltown near L´Aquila rose to fame when Daniele Kihlgren, an Italian-Swedish entrepreneur, bought the abandoned houses, painstakingly restored them, and made them an “Albergo Diffuso” – literally translated, a “spread-out inn”. The hotel rooms are situated in the old houses with their medieval walls, while the reception is housed in what used to be a barn.  

With the help of Eva and Clara from Chicweddings, who organised the wedding, Anouk and Martin were able to host an unforgettable celebration for their families and closest friends. As the church they had designated for their vows, had been destabilized by a recent earthquake in the region, they opted to take their vows out-of-doors, in the tree-lined pathway leading up to the church. For the reception, the two and their guests enjoyed Italian appetizers in the last rays of sunlight, and for dinner, a several-course menu was served in another converted medieval townhouse. A truly relaxed and splendid day – thanks, Anouk and Martin, for having us! 

This wedding was featured in the Belgian wedding magazine Witweddings, as well as on Grey Likes Weddings and Elizabeth Anne Designs


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