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Karolina and Waynes Wedding in Poznan, Poland

Karolina and Wayne are a wonderful couple. They are very private and earnest, but when they look at each other, they just light up. They´re also among the friendliest and most warm-hearted people I´ve ever met, and documenting their wedding was a real joy for both Daniel and me. 

Karolina and Wayne are Brooklyn residents, but in keeping with tradition, they decided to have their wedding in the bride´s hometown, Poznan, in Poland. Planning the wedding from the U.S. proved to be quite a challenge, but with their families and friends all helping, their wedding day was a truly unique,  beautiful, and very emotional  celebration.  

At midnight, Karolina changed into a stunning black dress and the two danced an Argentinian tango. It was incredibly beautiful, and left everybody speechless. We´re both so glad we got to know them. To many many happy years together, dear Karolina & Wayne! 

Kathryn Grady featured this wedding a couple of weeks back on her beautful blog Snippet & Ink - be sure to hop on over to read the lovely interview she did with Karolina and Wayne! 

Location: Palais Racot,
Make-Up and Hair: Olaf Tabaczynski,
Bride´s Dress: Phaedra Elizabeth
Groom´s Tie: C. Chauchat,


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