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Dominique and Maxime - Wedding in the Chateau de Bagnols, France

Dominique and Maxime got married in the very early spring, in the amazing medieval Chateau de Bagnols in the Beaujolais region of France. On the day of the wedding it was still very cold, and the day had both rain and brilliant sunshine… and, as a result, a beautiful rainbow at reception time.

The Beaujolais is known for its excellent wines, and the Chateau, surrounded by vineyards, made for a  truly picturesque background.  Dominique and Maxime exchanged their vows in the small town church a few minutes walk from the Chateau, and afterwards headed back with all their guests, umbrella in hand,  for a tea-and-sandwich reception.  In the evening, the two treated their guests to a candlelight dinner, accompanied by the arias of an Italian opera singer, and to end the day, everybody cut loose after dinner and danced until the wee hours.

We had first met Dominique and Maxime at Dominique´s elder brother´s wedding in Cefalù, Sicily, which we photographed an incredible five years back. And we can´t wait to meet the whole family again at her younger brother´s wedding in Monaco, a little later this year! Thank you all for entrusting us with documenting your special day – it is truly an honour and joy for us!

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