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Happy New Year!


Thanks to our wonderful assistant, Martin Nevoigt, for taking these pictures of us!


Personal Notecards from e.m.papers


Eleanor and I met last spring at The Hive Conference in Berlin, and hit it off right away. Eleanor is an American girl who went to Munich for work, stayed for love, and after ten years of work in consulting decided to make her passion her job: designing stationery. And yes, she´s as cool as it sounds!

What´s special about Eleanor´s designs is that she allows you to download and print her designs yourself. This means not only that you´ll have a super-last-minute option for, say, birthday cards. It also means that you´ll  save a ton of money… especially if you want something a little more extensive, like a wedding invitation suite.

I liked the idea, so I decided to give it a try. Here´s the result: my new personal notecards! Admittedly, it took me a while to convince my printer to print the right colour and format, but now I´m really happy about how they turned out. What do you think?

Oh, and if you want to know more about Eleanor and her business, here´s her website, Etsy page, and this great in-depth interview with her on the etsy blog. Enjoy!


All Souls´Day


In many Catholic-influenced countries, from my native Austria to Mexico, where it is a national holiday, the second of November is celebrated as the Day of the Dead - the day when people remember their friends and family who have died. Depending on the culture, it is considered a day for mourning, or a day to joyfully celebrate the fact that all life on earth is transient.

Today also marks, incredibly, the fifteenth anniversary of the day that my dear father died. It was a very sunny day, just like today.

I love this picture that Daniel took of a dead bird close to the sea near Trieste in Italy. Doesn´t it look like it´s asleep?

A French Toast Breakfast


I look forward to this all winter long. Sitting on our balcony, in the morning light, and Daniel makes us French Toast for Breakfast. With strawberries. These are organic and from Poland, and have a crazy aroma. I love summer.

We´re engaged!

I thought I´d start the New Year with something a little more personal... news that are not all that new now anymore, but I somehow never got around to post! 

Daniel and I got engaged in September, on the last true warm and wonderful summer night of the year 2011. And yes, that´s Venice in the background! :) 

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, inspiring and wonderful 2012!



Warsaw Workshop with Anna Kuperberg


Last week-end I had the enormous joy to be part of a one-day workshop in Warsaw, held by Anna Kuperberg and organised by Dorota and Michal from White Smoke Studio. Anna is an award-winning wedding and portrait photographer based in California, and it was great to hear her share insights and inspiration from over 20 years of experience.

Anna also did a half-hour photoshoot with a really sweet couple, Ania and Maciek. Most of us also took a few pictures, and although I must say it´s a bit of a strange experience to shoot in a crowd of thirty people (hello Paparazzi, now I know how you must feel!), I tried to make the most of it and had fun with the "obstacles" (namely, lots of people in front of the lens and no way to interact with the couple).

This was my first ever Photography Workshop, and I must say I enjoyed it a lot. Dorota and Michal were the most wonderful hosts one could imagine, and it was great to meet so many photographers from all over Europe. Hope to see you all again soon! 

A Walk on Ice


We´re having a few ice-cold and sunny days here in Berlin, so I was reminded of a little walk Daniel and I went for, in December. It was one of these magic winter afternoons - freezing cold, at first hazy, and later, as the sun was setting, crisp and clear and beautifully sunny.

This is close to where my Mom lives in Austria, and I have lots and lots of childhood memories of this lake - swimming in it, biking along its shores, even sailing! Strangely, I cannot remember ever ice-skating here... but next time around, l´ll definitely bring my skates!

I´d be happy if you´d leave a comment!

Last of the Summer Sun


I´m sorry that it´s been such a long time since I last posted here. Summer was incredibly busy, and when we got home (which wasn´t too often), we hardly got to unpack our suitcases.  

Then again, when the sun is shining and it´s 30°C, who wants to be reading blogs anyway, right?
I had this book as a kid about the mouse Frederick, that I loved. Whereas everyone is busy during the summer, gathering food for the winter, Frederick sits and looks and enjoys, and is called lazy by the other mice. In the winter, however, when everything is cold and grey, and everybody is bored, he starts telling about the colours and the smells of summer...   
Well, I wasn´t exactly lazy this summer, but I think I still managed to gather quite a bit of colours, that I´m going to start to share soon now, as the days get colder and darker.
As a little appetizer, here´s a picture I took on our recent trip to Trieste - some of the last rays of summer sun!




In early spring last year we had an assignment in Spain, and after that, spent a couple of days in Granada with friends. With the weather still being very grey and wintery here in Berlin at the moment, I thought these pictures were a nice way to lighten up the day a bit! 

Alhambra 2


Alhambra 1


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