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Berlin Engagement Shoot at the Pfaueninsel – Amanda and Willem

Amanda and Willem are tying the knot tomorrow, with their family and closest friends coming from all over the world to witness it, so what better time to post these images from their engagement shoot a few weeks back!
I had a terribly hard time to decide which photos should go into this blogpost – there are so, so many that I love. Amanda and Willem were so great to hang out with, and the light got ever more gorgeous while we roamed the Pfaueninsel, or Peacock Island… a less well-known, and more romantic side of Berlin than you’re probably used to see.

I hope you enjoy be transported to a lovely summer afternoon on an island in Berlin… xxT

Engagement-Shoot-Berlin-Germany-Amanda-Willem Engagement-Shoot-Berlin-Germany-Amanda-Willem2 Engagement-Shoot-Berlin-Germany-Amanda-Willem3 Engagement-Shoot-Berlin-Germany-Amanda-Willem4 Engagement-Shoot-Berlin-Germany-Amanda-Willem5 Engagement-Shoot-Berlin-Germany-Amanda-Willem6 Engagement-Shoot-Berlin-Germany-Amanda-Willem7 Engagement-Shoot-Berlin-Germany-Amanda-Willem8 Engagement-Shoot-Berlin-Germany-Amanda-Willem9 Engagement-Shoot-Berlin-Germany-Amanda-Willem10 Engagement-Shoot-Berlin-Germany-Amanda-Willem11 Engagement-Shoot-Berlin-Germany-Amanda-Willem12 Engagement-Shoot-Berlin-Germany-Amanda-Willem13 Engagement-Shoot-Berlin-Germany-Amanda-Willem14 Engagement-Shoot-Berlin-Germany-Amanda-Willem15 Engagement-Shoot-Berlin-Germany-Amanda-Willem16 Engagement-Shoot-Berlin-Germany-Amanda-Willem17 Engagement-Shoot-Berlin-Germany-Amanda-Willem18 Engagement-Shoot-Berlin-Germany-Amanda-Willem19 Engagement-Shoot-Berlin-Germany-Amanda-Willem20 Engagement-Shoot-Berlin-Germany-Amanda-Willem21 Engagement-Shoot-Berlin-Germany-Amanda-Willem22 Engagement-Shoot-Berlin-Germany-Amanda-Willem23 Engagement-Shoot-Berlin-Germany-Amanda-Willem24 Engagement-Shoot-Berlin-Germany-Amanda-Willem25 Engagement-Shoot-Berlin-Germany-Amanda-Willem26 Engagement-Shoot-Berlin-Germany-Amanda-Willem27 Engagement-Shoot-Berlin-Germany-Amanda-Willem28 Engagement-Shoot-Berlin-Germany-Amanda-Willem29

Spring Couple Shoot in Portland – Brittni and Lee

If you’ve read my last blogpost, you know that we spent five beautiful weeks in the U.S. earlier this year, travelling from L.A. up to San Francisco, and later to Portland and Seattle. One of the best experiences during the trip was the incredible hospitality we encountered – and Brittni and Lee were among those who welcomed us into their home with open arms.

We had the best time together. From having jello shots together at their friends party (a first for Daniel and me), to a delicious Mexican Sunday brunch in the sunshine, hanging out with them is among our favourite memories from our trip.

Hope to see you soon in Berlin, Brittni + Lee! xxT

                       Couple-Shoot-in-Portland-Oregon-Brittni-Lee Couple-Shoot-in-Portland-Oregon-Brittni-Lee2 Couple-Shoot-in-Portland-Oregon-Brittni-Lee3 Couple-Shoot-in-Portland-Oregon-Brittni-Lee4 Couple-Shoot-in-Portland-Oregon-Brittni-Lee5 Couple-Shoot-in-Portland-Oregon-Brittni-Lee6 Couple-Shoot-in-Portland-Oregon-Brittni-Lee7 Couple-Shoot-in-Portland-Oregon-Brittni-Lee8 Couple-Shoot-in-Portland-Oregon-Brittni-Lee9 Couple-Shoot-in-Portland-Oregon-Brittni-Lee10 Couple-Shoot-in-Portland-Oregon-Brittni-Lee11 Couple-Shoot-in-Portland-Oregon-Brittni-Lee12 Couple-Shoot-in-Portland-Oregon-Brittni-Lee13 Couple-Shoot-in-Portland-Oregon-Brittni-Lee14

Megan and Chris – Couple Shoot in Dumbo, Brooklyn

When I think of last summer, the summer of 2013, and compare it to the past summer of 2014, strangely one small detail comes to my mind: in 2013, I had tan lines on my feet from my sandals by end of June. This year, I never really managed.

The reason is that in June 2013, we spent twelve magnificent days in New York, and it was a lovely, sunny June. I spent every minute possible outside: biking along the Hudson, walking through half of Manhattan, haggling with fleamarket sellers in Williamsburg. And, my favourite, shooting outside as much as I could.

We met Megan and Chris in a cute café just under the Brooklyn Bridge, then headed out straight into the sunshine. As a photographer, this is pretty much as good as it gets: a handsome young coupe, visibly in love, sunshine and a lovely breeze, and an afternoon worth of exploring the gritty beautiful urban landscape of Dumbo.

Megan and Chris make it look simple: committing to someone for all your life, going through thick and thin, for better or worse. It’s probably not – but you can tell by the way they look at each other, the way they make each other laugh with all their heart, that there’s really not much of a question: they’re in it for life, come rain or come shine.

For their slideshow, Megan sent me a song that fits their love so perfectly that I decided to share the slideshow, even though we usually don’t. We hope you enjoy it. Maybe not quite, but almost, as much as we enjoyed our Dumbo afternoon with Megan and Chris.

Engagement-Shoot-Brooklyn-Megan-Chris Engagement-Shoot-Brooklyn-Megan-Chris2 Engagement-Shoot-Brooklyn-Megan-Chris3 Engagement-Shoot-Brooklyn-Megan-Chris4 Engagement-Shoot-Brooklyn-Megan-Chris5 Engagement-Shoot-Brooklyn-Megan-Chris6 Engagement-Shoot-Brooklyn-Megan-Chris7 Engagement-Shoot-Brooklyn-Megan-Chris8 Engagement-Shoot-Brooklyn-Megan-Chris9 Engagement-Shoot-Brooklyn-Megan-Chris10

Engagement Shoot in Vienna – Mimi and James

Mimi is a childhood friend of mine from Vienna, and has spent her life mostly in London and Berlin (where we finally reunited after not having seen each other for decades). James is Dutch, but has lived all over the world, and has called Shanghai home for more than ten years. Where would two people like that meet and become lovebirds? At a wedding, of course! In beautiful Amsterdam, in this case.

On the evening before their own wedding in Vienna, we took the opportunity to do a little photoshoot with them in one of my favourite corners of Vienna’s city center, the Mölkerbastei, just opposite Vienna University. It was just the sort of warm and golden summer evening you would wish for, and… well, I don’t want to sound too cheesy now, but I think you will agree with me that they were beaming like the sun!


Engagement-Shoot-in-Vienna-Mimi-James Engagement-Shoot-in-Vienna-Mimi-James2 Engagement-Shoot-in-Vienna-Mimi-James3 Engagement-Shoot-in-Vienna-Mimi-James4 Engagement-Shoot-in-Vienna-Mimi-James5 Engagement-Shoot-in-Vienna-Mimi-James6  Engagement-Shoot-in-Vienna-Mimi-James8 Engagement-Shoot-in-Vienna-Mimi-James9

Engagement Shoot in Moscow: Linnea and Viktor

I sit in a New York appartment, the air condition is quietly whirring, but all the same it feels like it's about 27 degrees in here. All the more interesting for me, then, to transport myself back to April, in Moscow... when any ray of sunshine was greeted with enthusiasm, and the snow was taking its time to slowly melt. 

We met Linnea and Viktor on one of the first truly sunny days. They picked us up from the Metro and drove us to close to where they live - there's a lake, they said, and a monastery, so it could be nice for a shoot. When we arrived, we saw... this. How little were we prepared for the splendour of the Novodevichy Convent

We strolled around all afternoon, talking, photographing, and getting to know each other. Linnea is from Sweden and Viktor is from Russia, but you can tell there really aren't any problems in cross-cultural communication between them. They're both cosmopolitans (Viktor having lived in London and Linnea having moved to Russia for her masters in political science); more than that, you can tell from the way they interact that they're on exactly the same wavelenght. 

I'm happy to say, they got married only a week after our shoot in a small civil ceremony... All the best for your new life together, Linnea and Viktor! 

Engagement-Shoot-in-Moscow-Linnea-Viktor Engagement-Shoot-in-Moscow-Linnea-Viktor2 Engagement-Shoot-in-Moscow-Linnea-Viktor3 Engagement-Shoot-in-Moscow-Linnea-Viktor4 Engagement-Shoot-in-Moscow-Linnea-Viktor5 Engagement-Shoot-in-Moscow-Linnea-Viktor6 Engagement-Shoot-in-Moscow-Linnea-Viktor7 Engagement-Shoot-in-Moscow-Linnea-Viktor8 Engagement-Shoot-in-Moscow-Linnea-Viktor9 Engagement-Shoot-in-Moscow-Linnea-Viktor10 Engagement-Shoot-in-Moscow-Linnea-Viktor11 Engagement-Shoot-in-Moscow-Linnea-Viktor12 Engagement-Shoot-in-Moscow-Linnea-Viktor13 Engagement-Shoot-in-Moscow-Linnea-Viktor14 Engagement-Shoot-in-Moscow-Linnea-Viktor15 Engagement-Shoot-in-Moscow-Linnea-Viktor16

Laura and Matt - Couple Shoot in East London

Laura and Matt got engaged at the New York Pickle Fair. This is really all I needed to know to like them.

At the beginning, the two seemed a bit like an impossible match. Laura was in New York, and Matt, who is originally Australian, was in London. They met there, while Laura was visiting friends, but had just enough time to fall in love... and embark on that unfortunate modern institution called long-distance-relationshsip.

They tried for a while and discovered that they were terrible at this game (is anybody good at it?): long skype conversations, weekend-flights New York-London London-New York, more skype. So instead of doing what most people would have considered the sensible thing to do - calling it quits - they did the opposite: they took the great leap of faith and got married. (After that engagement at the pickle fair, with a glass ring that Matt would later exchange for a beautiful antique one he had sought out for her.)

I must say I am forever in awe of the kind of coglioni it must take for a step like this: get married to somebody you've only known for a short time, leaving your family and friends, and moving to another continent. Laura and Matt have been married for three years now, and if you see them together, it couldn't be more obvious: taking an uncalculable risk can certainly turn out to be a wonderful idea.

Couple Shoot in East London

Nightly Couple Shoot East End

Engagement Shoot in Bethnel Green
Night Time Couple Shoot in East London
Smiling Couple by Night in East End
Nightly Engagement Shoot in Bethnel Green
Laughing Couple London Black and White
Brick Lane Industrial Couple Shoot
Couple Shoot London Black and White
Brick Lane Couple Shoot Black and White
Nightly Engagement Shoot Bethnel Green
Couple Shoot by Night East London
Cobble Stone Engagement Shoot London

It´s time...for our Couple Shoot Giveaway 2013!

So it’s Valentine’s day. Some celebrate this day, happy about a pop of colour in this otherwise rather bleak season of waiting for the first signs of spring. Others say it’s a ruse by commerce to get you to spend ever more money. Our take on it is: celebrating love certainly isn’ t a bad idea, and February 14th may be just as good a day for that as any other! So bring on the pink confetti, the heart-shaped chocolates, the candle-light-dinner... and, of course, our by-now traditional VALENTINE’S DAY GIVEAWAY!

We´re giving away one free photo shoot with the two of us – Teresa and Daniel - to one lucky couple. You two could be engaged, married for 25 years, lovers since just a few days... doesn’t matter, as long as you´re in love (and over 18), you’re eligible!

We can do the photo session in Berlin or Vienna, so either you´re a resident of one of these two beautiful cities, or you’d have a really nice reason for a week-end trip!

Scroll down for the details on how to enter!



To enter, just leave a comment below this blog post, stating

  • you and your loves´ first names
  • a little bit about yourselves if you like
  • remember to leave your correct email so we can contact you if you win!

And if you want to double your chance of winning we will enter your name twice into the lottery if you

  • go to our Facebook page and share the contest image we posted there

The Giveaway will stay open from the 14th Feb 2013 Noon to Monday, the 18th Feb 2013 at Midnight (CET). We’ll announce the lucky winning couple on February 19th. 

By participating you accept the terms and conditions.

Best of luck!

Teresa + Daniel

Céline and Carsten - Engagement Shoot in Vienna

When I studied theatre at the University of Vienna, the faculty was housed in a part of the Hofburg, the imperial palace in Vienna (talk about a regal place of study!).

As I still lived with my Mom, who lives outside of Vienna, I would spend all the breaks between lectures and seminars strolling around in the first district, the city center that was once surrounded by the city wall (or sitting in its grandiose Cafés, when it was raining). Since then, a lot has changed in this part of town, but some of the hidden places – systems of courtyards, old archways, tucked-away sidestreets – still look as untouched as they looked then, sort of like they were forgotten by history.

When Céline contacted us a year ago, to ask us whether we would shoot her wedding, she and Carsten had just moved to Vienna. Céline is from the French-speaking part of Switzerland and Carsten is from Germany, so when it came to their engagement photos, we all knew that we wanted to take in some of that Vienna flair. At the same time, we didn´t want their engagement photos to look like a personalized version of touristy post-cards, so apart from going to see some landmarks (like the Belvedere, which you see in the last picture), we spent most of the time exploring some of these quiet sidestreets and old courtyards I used to roam some ten years ago.

Doesn´t the romantic backdrop suit them perfectly?

Engagement Shoot at Franziskanerplatz in Vienna Romantic Engagement Shoot Vienna First District Engagement Shoot Vienna Couple Shoot in Historical District Vienna Couple Shoot in Historical Center Vienna Black and White Smiling Couple in First District Vienna Kissing Couple at Franziskanerplatz Vienna Engagement Shoot in Spring at Belvedere Vienna Romantic Engagement Shoot in front of Belvedere Vienna Smiling Couple at Belvedere Vienna Spring Engagement Shoot at Baroque Palace Vienna Kissing Couple in the Sun at Belvedere Vienna Spring Couple Shoot at Belvedere Vienna

Valentine´s Day... We´re giving away a free Couple Shoot!

It´s Valentine´s Day! Whether you like the Valentine buzz or not, celebrating love is certainly not a bad idea, and February 14th may be just as good a day for that as any other!

So to celebrate - and also because we enjoyed last year´s Giveaway Shoot with Nico and Corin so much - we´re giving away a free photo shoot to one lucky couple!
To enter, just

  1. like our Facebook page if you haven´t done so earlier and
  2. enter a comment to our post on Facebook, stating
    • you and your loves´ first names
    • where you would like to do the shoot if you win. (this could be a specific location like a park or home, or just "Vienna").

The Giveaway is open to anybody, and we can do the Shoot either in Berlin or Vienna. (That said, if you don´t live in either place, what better reason for a weekend in Vienna or Berlin than that you´ve just won a Couple Shoot, right?)

The Giveaway will stay open for one week, until February 21st midnight, and we´ll announce the lucky winning couple on February 22nd.

Best of luck!

 A little bit of inspiration is below...

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