engagement shoot in Vienna

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Engagement Shoot in Vienna – Mimi and James

Mimi is a childhood friend of mine from Vienna, and has spent her life mostly in London and Berlin (where we finally reunited after not having seen each other for decades). James is Dutch, but has lived all over the world, and has called Shanghai home for more than ten years. Where would two people like that meet and become lovebirds? At a wedding, of course! In beautiful Amsterdam, in this case.

On the evening before their own wedding in Vienna, we took the opportunity to do a little photoshoot with them in one of my favourite corners of Vienna’s city center, the Mölkerbastei, just opposite Vienna University. It was just the sort of warm and golden summer evening you would wish for, and… well, I don’t want to sound too cheesy now, but I think you will agree with me that they were beaming like the sun!


Engagement-Shoot-in-Vienna-Mimi-James Engagement-Shoot-in-Vienna-Mimi-James2 Engagement-Shoot-in-Vienna-Mimi-James3 Engagement-Shoot-in-Vienna-Mimi-James4 Engagement-Shoot-in-Vienna-Mimi-James5 Engagement-Shoot-in-Vienna-Mimi-James6  Engagement-Shoot-in-Vienna-Mimi-James8 Engagement-Shoot-in-Vienna-Mimi-James9

Céline and Carsten - Engagement Shoot in Vienna

When I studied theatre at the University of Vienna, the faculty was housed in a part of the Hofburg, the imperial palace in Vienna (talk about a regal place of study!).

As I still lived with my Mom, who lives outside of Vienna, I would spend all the breaks between lectures and seminars strolling around in the first district, the city center that was once surrounded by the city wall (or sitting in its grandiose Cafés, when it was raining). Since then, a lot has changed in this part of town, but some of the hidden places – systems of courtyards, old archways, tucked-away sidestreets – still look as untouched as they looked then, sort of like they were forgotten by history.

When Céline contacted us a year ago, to ask us whether we would shoot her wedding, she and Carsten had just moved to Vienna. Céline is from the French-speaking part of Switzerland and Carsten is from Germany, so when it came to their engagement photos, we all knew that we wanted to take in some of that Vienna flair. At the same time, we didn´t want their engagement photos to look like a personalized version of touristy post-cards, so apart from going to see some landmarks (like the Belvedere, which you see in the last picture), we spent most of the time exploring some of these quiet sidestreets and old courtyards I used to roam some ten years ago.

Doesn´t the romantic backdrop suit them perfectly?

Engagement Shoot at Franziskanerplatz in Vienna Romantic Engagement Shoot Vienna First District Engagement Shoot Vienna Couple Shoot in Historical District Vienna Couple Shoot in Historical Center Vienna Black and White Smiling Couple in First District Vienna Kissing Couple at Franziskanerplatz Vienna Engagement Shoot in Spring at Belvedere Vienna Romantic Engagement Shoot in front of Belvedere Vienna Smiling Couple at Belvedere Vienna Spring Engagement Shoot at Baroque Palace Vienna Kissing Couple in the Sun at Belvedere Vienna Spring Couple Shoot at Belvedere Vienna

Nicoletta and Corin´s Engagement Shoot in Vienna

Do you remember the little Engagement Shoot Giveaway we did on our Facebook Page back in November? Nicoletta and Corin were the lucky winners and we met in Vienna in December, on a very chilly but sunny day. The two were fabulous and simply laughed away the icy temperatures - they even danced waltz in the snow!

Nicoletta and Corin are engaged to be married, and will tie the knot in a beach ceremony in New Zealand (Corin´s native country) later this year... Wish we could be there! Thanks so much Nicoletta and Corin for being such troopers in spite of the temperature! We had a great afternoon! 


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