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We’re happy to announce our first Portrait Workshop in Berlin!

Portrait Workshop Iconoclash Announcement

We've been photographing professionally for ten years now, and we get asked a lot of questions about photography regularly. We also both love sharing what we know, and we certainly love photography - so teaching was a pretty logical next step. This April, we'll be opening up our brand new Berlin Atelier to a maximum of ten people, to share all we know about the Photographic Portrait in natural Light. Or simply put: seeing the light, and seeing the person you're portraying, and putting the two together for a memorable portrait.

The Workshop will be held in Berlin-Kreuzberg, on the 23rd and 24th of April, 2016. The preliminary schedule is as follows:


  • 11am to 1.30pm Introduction
  • 1.30pm to 2.30pm Lunch, cooked by our friend and in-house Chef
  • 2.30 to 6pm Class and Shooting Assignments
  • 6pm to 7pm Dinner Break
  • 7pm to 9pm Sunset/Night Shoot


  • 11am to 1.30pm Class and Shooting
  • 1.30pm to 2.30pm Lunch, cooked by our friend and in-house Chef
  • 2.30pm to 4pm Review, Wrapping Up

The cost of the workshop is 180€ per person, including two delicious lunches. There are different discounts available, please contact us for further info.

Please remember that the workshop is limited to ten attendees, so make sure you register early! 

For more info and to secure your spot, please contact us at workshop@iconoclash-photography.com

Looking forward to see you in April! xx T+D

Portraits in Berlin – Dancer Anna Porzelt

Let me introduce you to Miss Anna. On first meeting her, you might be reminded of a Prussian general: perfect posture, and an air of discipline. Then if you’re lucky though, you may experience that she cooks like an Italian Mamma, and if you’re really really lucky… you get to see her dance. She left a budding career as a film director to do what she loves best: dance to swing music. Balboa, Lindy, Charleston, Colleagiate Shag, Peabody… You could even learn them from her. Here’s to Miss Anna Porzelt, dancer extraordinnaire. xxT

Headshots-in-Berlin-Dancer-Anna-Porzelt Headshots-in-Berlin-Dancer-Anna-Porzelt2 Headshots-in-Berlin-Dancer-Anna-Porzelt3 Headshots-in-Berlin-Dancer-Anna-Porzelt4 Headshots-in-Berlin-Dancer-Anna-Porzelt5 Headshots-in-Berlin-Dancer-Anna-Porzelt6 Headshots-in-Berlin-Dancer-Anna-Porzelt7 Headshots-in-Berlin-Dancer-Anna-Porzelt8 Headshots-in-Berlin-Dancer-Anna-Porzelt9 Headshots-in-Berlin-Dancer-Anna-Porzelt10 Headshots-in-Berlin-Dancer-Anna-Porzelt11 Headshots-in-Berlin-Dancer-Anna-Porzelt12 Headshots-in-Berlin-Dancer-Anna-Porzelt13

Actors Portraits In Berlin – Tomas Sinclair Spencer

Working with Tomas Spencer on this series of portraits was a real pleasure for many reasons. One, he’s obviously incredibly good-looking, and - I won’t lie – that is usually not detrimental to the fun of a photo shoot. It just makes my job quite a bit easier. But more importantly, he was focused and professional, while at the same time being relaxed and kind, and simply fun to hang out with. A true British gentleman.

His wish for the photos were that they should be in some way cinematic, or allude to a story, and I was more than happy to take up the inspiration.

Be sure to check out his website for his news, and more photos from our shoot! xxT

P.S.: oh, and can I say that I’m a little thrilled to see my photos on his impressive Imdb-page?

Actors-Portraits-in-Berlin-Tomas-Spencer Tomas-Sinclair-Spencer-by-TeresaMarenzi Actors-Portraits-in-Berlin-Tomas-Spencer3 Actors-Portraits-in-Berlin-Tomas-Spencer4 Actors-Portraits-in-Berlin-Tomas-Spencer5 Actors-Portraits-in-Berlin-Tomas-Spencer7Actors-Portraits-in-Berlin-Tomas-Spencer6  Actors-Portraits-in-Berlin-Tomas-Spencer8 Actors-Portraits-in-Berlin-Tomas-Spencer9

Moscow High – Personal Project and Exhibition

Last year we had the enormous pleasure to be invited to Moscow by Simon Mraz of the Austrian Cultural Art Forum, and spend ten days in Moscow to shoot a personal project, titled Moscow High.

We had spent a few days in Moscow earlier (maybe you remember this engagement shoot). And while we were strolling the streets at night, especially in the fashionable clubbing district around the old Red October Chocolate Factory (near the Red Square), we noticed the large amount of women, single or in pairs, always in high heels and super-fashionably dressed, who were on their way to the clubs. While the scenes in the clubs themselves often revealed boredom and loneliness – with a lot of staring at cell phones going on - the vibe on the street was one of anticipation. Walking in their skyscraper stilettos with unflinching professionalism , the women seemed concentrated and determined, as if they were on a mission. Like athletes before their performance; performers before the show.

The fruit of our exploration of this subject are right now part of an exhibition in the House on the Embankment, Moscow, and an exhibition in Vladivostok will follow in January 2015.

You can read a detailed project statement and description of our work on our website (in German), here.

And here are a few of many of the images we took in those cold Moscow spring nights. Enjoy!


Moscow-High-Iconoclash-Photography Moscow-High-Iconoclash-Photography2 Moscow-High-Iconoclash-Photography3   Moscow-High-Iconoclash-Photography-14Moscow-High-Iconoclash-Photography5Moscow-High-Iconoclash-Photography6

Artists Portrait in Moscow – Eugenia Kokoreva

I met Eugenia in Moscow at Simon’s, where she was preparing her exhibition. We had no real way of talking – she speaks only a few words of German, and I only know one sentence in Russian: “I am a photographer from Berlin, may I photograph you?”. No great help in a conversation.

Nontheless, we liked each other, and I knew right away that I’d like to photograph her for my series of women’s portraits in their homes. Simon translated, and Eugenia agreed, and two days later Daniel and I set in a cab, the paper with the adress written in Kyrillic letters firmly clasped in hand. We drove for a long time – everything in Moscow seems far apart –through grey periphery, and of course with absolutely no clue where we were.

All the better then, to arrive in a quiet street, patches of snow and birch trees here and there, at the Artist’s Commune. It’s a house specifically for artist, where they both live and have their studios, from back in the times of the USSR. Almost all of the people we met had been living there for over thirty years, some closer to fifty years. 

Eugenia was warm and welcoming, she showed me her studio and her paintings, and with the help of a tiny German dictionary even related some of the stories linked to her paintings: her stay in Israel, her family’s fate in the Holocaust, and the fact that the little girl standing next to her father in the snow, holding his hand, was herself as a child.

Artist-Portraits-in-Moscow-Eugenia-Kokoreva Artist-Portraits-in-Moscow-Eugenia-Kokoreva2 Artist-Portraits-in-Moscow-Eugenia-Kokoreva3 Artist-Portraits-in-Moscow-Eugenia-Kokoreva4 Artist-Portraits-in-Moscow-Eugenia-Kokoreva5 Artist-Portraits-in-Moscow-Eugenia-Kokoreva6 Artist-Portraits-in-Moscow-Eugenia-Kokoreva7 Artist-Portraits-in-Moscow-Eugenia-Kokoreva8 Artist-Portraits-in-Moscow-Eugenia-Kokoreva9 Artist-Portraits-in-Moscow-Eugenia-Kokoreva10 Artist-Portraits-in-Moscow-Eugenia-Kokoreva11 Artist-Portraits-in-Moscow-Eugenia-Kokoreva12 Artist-Portraits-in-Moscow-Eugenia-Kokoreva13 Artist-Portraits-in-Moscow-Eugenia-Kokoreva14 Artist-Portraits-in-Moscow-Eugenia-Kokoreva15

Portraits in Berlin – Maren


Today is the first day of snow here in Berlin, and wow, what weather! It snows, it storms, it's dark, and it's bitter cold... what better day to post another one of my memories of summer?

Remember my post some time ago, about what got me into photography? The following is exactly what I was talking about. 

About two-thirds into our shoot on a beautiful September evening, Maren asked casually how it was going, and how her photos were turning out - she may have seen me look a little worried. “Fine”, I said, “but you’re going to accuse me of making you look far too sexy.” She laughed at this as if it were a joke (which it wasn’t, really), and peeked over my shoulder to catch a glimpse of herself on the tiny screen. Then she yelled “whaaaaat?!” and then “noooo...”, and I must admit it, I was so delighted that I laughed out loud. She seriously couldn’t believe how fantastic she looked...no retouching, little make-up, just her natural beauty, someone able to see it, a camera...and of course that incredible September evening light.

In my work, this is one of my favourite little everyday magic moments to happen, when light, technology, and two people conspire... and it ends up making them both happy.

Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren2 Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren3 Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren4 Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren5 Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren6 Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren7 Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren8 Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren9 Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren10 Portrait-in-Berlin-Maren11

Portraits at Lake Michigan, Chicago - Clara


While we were in New York in the spring time, Daniel went to Chicago for a few days, to visit one of his best and most long-standing friends, Clara.

They’ve known each other since they were in their tiny teens, and even though she’s been in America for years for her studies, they still get together every now and then on skype to drink whiskey, each on their side of the Atlantic, and discuss economics and politics, as well as more personal stuff. (She’s going to Yale in the fall for her PhD in political science)

On an almost, but not entirely unrelated subject, Clara is also, in some way, responsible for the fact that Daniel and I are together; or, in any case, that we didn’t leave each other at the first bump in the road, some ten years ago.

When my first bout of doubts came along after about ten days of being together (“aaagh! This is going way too well! He must be a psycho! How do I get rid of him now!?”) he actually heard it in my voice over the phone, and consequently used the oldest trick in the book: playing it cool and feigning disinterest. Of course, that worked like a spell.

Asking him about it later, he said that this was pure strategy, something that he picked up from his talks with Clara, about girls and boys and relationship trouble: always give a girl the space she needs. Now that’s wise advice indeed. (And obviously, also works the other way round)

I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but I love these portraits he took of her, while strolling on the beach of Lake Michigan. Bright woman. Great light. Beautiful photos. What more can you want?

         Portraits in Chicago Lake Michigan - Clara Portraits in Chicago Lake Michigan - Clara Portraits in Chicago Lake Michigan - Clara Portraits in Chicago Lake Michigan - Clara Portraits in Chicago Lake Michigan - Clara Portraits in Chicago Lake Michigan - Clara Portraits in Chicago Lake Michigan - Clara Portraits in Chicago Lake Michigan - Clara Portraits in Chicago Lake Michigan - Clara Portraits in Chicago Lake Michigan - Clara Portraits in Chicago Lake Michigan - Clara Portraits in Chicago Lake Michigan - Clara Portraits in Chicago Lake Michigan - Clara Portraits in Chicago Lake Michigan - Clara

Catalina – From Berlin to Tennessee


This is my friend Catalina, a few days before she left Berlin for Tennessee. Catalina is Colombian and American, a teacher, performer and filmmaker, and probably the most fiercely independent person I’ve ever met. These are her portraits.

Artist-Portrait-in-Berlin Artist-Portrait-in-Berlin2 Artist-Portrait-in-Berlin3 Artist-Portrait-in-Berlin4 Artist-Portrait-in-Berlin5 Artist-Portrait-in-Berlin6 Artist-Portrait-in-Berlin7 Artist-Portrait-in-Berlin8 Artist-Portrait-in-Berlin9 Artist-Portrait-in-Berlin10

Carrie - Actors Portraits in Berlin

Here´s just one frame from our portrait session with actress Carrie Getman in Berlin yesterday. We had such a great time, and absolutely love how the photos turned out. Isn´t she breathtaking? Can´t wait to post more from this shoot!

Actors Portraits Berlin

Simon Mraz - Portraits in Moscow


On our trip to Moscow last spring, we did a short portrait session with the director of the Austrian Cultural Forum, Simon Mraz. Simon moved to Moscow five years ago, and with his energy and undivided passion for contemporary art he has since become a true fixture in the Moscow arts world. His enthusiasm for the arts is contagious, and it was wonderful to follow him from gallery to museum to artist´s workhop for a week. A true mover and shaker… so we thought the “high voltage” sign was a rather fitting attribute for his portrait!


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