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Actors Portraits in Vienna - Rafael Schuchter


It is always a pleasure to photograph Rafael. He´s not a poser. In fact, I suspect that he doesn´t even like to be photographed. So it´s a bit of a struggle, we set off on something of a search together and in the end, hopefully, come up with something that he will recognize as being him. It´s what I love about portrait photography, really.

Find his contact, bio and photos on his agency´s website.

Sarah - Portraits in Berlin


Before I started to photograph her, Sarah said something that struck me as really clever. She said: "You can only photograph me the way you see me."

I completely agree. A portrait is always an interpretation of the portrayed in one way or the other. As a photographer, other than pressing a button, you have to see a person and decide how you will capture what you see in them; you idealize, you satirize them; that´s what makes the work interesting.

Here is my interpretation of Miss Sarah.


Actors Portraits in Berlin - Anne von Keller

If I could name just one person who embodies the Berlin spirit for me, it would be Anne. She´s an actress, she´s in a band, she could easily be a stylist, and she also makes wonderful collages and illustrations. And of course, on top of all that, she has these unique fab looks. So, altogether, a bit of a miracle!

We had a really lovely two hours of photo shoot, and I´m happy I even got to capture her fabulous Jane Birkin smile!

Couple Photoshoot Giveaway!

I have long been thinking about doing something a little more fun and "interactive" on our Facebook page, so to celebrate our 150 Facebook fans we´re giving away a Couple/Engagement Shoot!

In the U.S. engagement shoots are quite common, but here in Europe the trend has yet to catch on. For our Giveaway, however, you don´t have to be engaged - whether you have just met a week ago or have been married for 30 years, you´re welcome to participate!

And in case you´re single, or just don´t care to be photographed, you can also enter for somebody else - say, for your best friend who has just become engaged, or for your sister and her boyfriend. Or do you maybe wish you had some nice pictures of your grandparents who are still so sweet together?

Here´s how it works: You have to be (or become) our Fan on Facebook, leave a comment there,  saying who you want to win your photoshoot with (or for whom). If you like, feel free to tell us a bit about yourself or the couple that should be photographed. Finally, just click the "Like" Button on the Facebook post. That´s it!

The giveaway will be open one week, closing on Monday November 15th at midnight. We´ll announce the winner on our Facebook Page. After the shoot has taken place, we´ll post a few photos here on our blog. If you live in Berlin or Vienna, where we work most often, things are a little easier, but please don´t be deterred if you live somewhere else! We travel a lot during the warmer months, so we may be able to meet somewhere closer to where you live.

So, have fun! And please spread the word to all your friends who are in love! :)

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