Marte and Rune´s Wedding Portraits in Berlin

Marte and Rune got married exactly one year ago, here in Berlin. They had come especially for this from Norway, and they brought only their parents with them (who originally thought that they were coming to Berlin just for a family holiday!)

Marte and Rune wanted to get married in Berlin because they love the place: the ruggedness, the jumble of old and new, and the fact that nothing seems to be ever finished or perfect… There´s always some work in progress. A bit like a relationship I guess!

After the sweet and short ceremony in the Norwegian embassy, when it came  to taking their wedding portraits, it was clear that we would stay clear of the dome, the old museums and the romantic corners, and instead try and catch a little bit of that rugged Berlin feeling…

In lovely autumn weather, we got to have a really fun photo session with them, taking advantage of the modern glamour of the Nordic Embassies, the graffiti madness of TACHELES (RIP, it was closed down a month ago!) and the empty lot in the middle of Berlin that once housed the GDR “Palast der Republik”. I think it´s easy to see from the pictures how much fun we had, and how cool these two are!

Marte and Rune, we hope you had a lovely anniversary today, and we hope to see you sometime soon again here in Berlin!

P.S: Marte didn´t want to carry a bouquet, but she did want to have something special, so she affixed flowers to her handbag – a great idea, don´t you think?